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Sunday, 2 October 2011

September Shenanigans

Playing with her Barbie doll,
''I'm going to dip her into my soup, she's my tasty chip''

She was telling me how long the bus was going to be,
''40 70 1second 100''

Walking to the bus stop one morning,
''Me and Daddy saw a dead pigeon yesterday on the ground, it was having bad dreams and it can't feel or see his mom''

Telling me about her day,
Eden -''Daddy was angry''
Eden- ''I took his eye out and I took his arms and legs off and cut him in half and took his head then he said....ohh he couldn't talk he had no head''

Later on she sang me a song,
''I love my family and I love to bump my head, ow ow ow ow ow I bump my head in the bedroom''

She was pointing to a mole I have on my face
Eden-''Mammy whats that spot''
Me-''It's like a freckle''
Eden-'' take it off''
Me- ''I can't take it off, its part of my skin and I can't take my skin off!''
Eden-''Mammy lets swap skin''
Me-''Your skin wouldn't fit me, maybe your big bum skin would. If we took off our skin we'd be scary skeletons''
Eden- ''If I took the skin off my bum then I'd be skeleton bum!''

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Back to her old self.


''I saw a boy with boobs on his eyes and a bra and he had a dog and sweets on his head.
he had a hundred euro and lots of money and lot and lots and lots daddy of money, they were delivered by the post manny.''


''You don't like princesses Mammy you only like ugly people.''


We were on the bus and she was eating grapes.

''Grapes go in your mouth into your belly and out your bum.''
She then starts shouting ''I'm going to fart out a grape''

Then we get off the bus and she starts pointing her arse at me saying ''I'm going to poo a grape at you''

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Bye bye bubble

Eden had her op this week, shes doing fine. Not saying so much so I'll update next week.
Shes was informing all the doctors about every detail of her life though. lol

Thursday, 18 August 2011

This evening

Eden -'I'm in a band, daddy's not in a band I am'
Me- 'Whats your bands name'
Eden- 'Back to the future'
Me- 'Sing a song for me please'
Eden- 'War.. ohh what is it gooood for absoluetly nooothiiing'

She has this little yellow disk,

'I'm going to go cut someone in half''

'Mammy you can't touch it because you can't touch nothing, it's nothing ok and you can't touch it ok?Now don't touch it now alright?' (While hiding the little yellow disk)

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Highlights of the last few weeks...

Reading a book in her room: 'Mammy bananas are ugly aren't they?' The book had nothing to do with bananas.

'Mammy I'm very disappointed in you, I'm going to get rid of you'

'Mammy look at the lady, she's doing Pilates' I had no idea she even knew what it was?

'Mammy you drink the puppies wee and it makes your eyes go all yellow'

I was visiting my friend with Eden and when we were leaving Eden shouts 'Bye Lynn I had a nice time with you and your boobs'

Looking at a magazine and she points at a size zero model 'Oh my god look at the state of her' (That's my girl)

She has to have an operation her her lip in a few days to remove a 'bubble' of skin and when I told her her reply was 'Is the doctor going to cut it off with a scissors' and 'Will I get to wear a mask?'

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


I had a lot of things written on a piece of paper which I've since lost but heres some various things I can remember.

Seen a picture of a woman after loosing weight after a gastric bypass.
''Look mammy the womans stomach is breaking, it's tearing''

We got a new puppy and Edens name suggestions were buttarse, arseyhead Peppa and Marley. We settled on Marley.

On the bus
''Mammy look at your nose, it's huge! Not like my nose.''

Just off the bus with my friend Mia
Eden - ''I'm ugly''
Mia - ''You're not ugly''
Eden, points to Mia -''You're ugly''

Later on she sings Mia a lovely song
''Clap your hands
Slap your knees
Pull out your eyeballs
Pinch your nose
Eat your hair''

and another song..
''The monkey got choked
Got his arm cut open with a knife and his eyes pulled out''

She was then shouting the word 'knickers' really loudly.. yeah you know what that sounds like.. Randy in south park springs to mind.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Various places today.


We have a few things today.

A flyer came in the door from the local offlicence,
''I dont like that beer it tastes scowly and I don't like this one it tastes skolky''
*she has never drank beer*

We were playing in the livingroom pretending to be frogs,
''Frogs eat hair and pirates come and take beautiful ladies necklaces''
Then we were playing with her doll,
''She's being a robot, can we bring her to Halloween?''

Watching t.v and David Hasselhoff comes on,
''Mammy look it's castlecough''