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Wednesday, 27 July 2011


I had a lot of things written on a piece of paper which I've since lost but heres some various things I can remember.

Seen a picture of a woman after loosing weight after a gastric bypass.
''Look mammy the womans stomach is breaking, it's tearing''

We got a new puppy and Edens name suggestions were buttarse, arseyhead Peppa and Marley. We settled on Marley.

On the bus
''Mammy look at your nose, it's huge! Not like my nose.''

Just off the bus with my friend Mia
Eden - ''I'm ugly''
Mia - ''You're not ugly''
Eden, points to Mia -''You're ugly''

Later on she sings Mia a lovely song
''Clap your hands
Slap your knees
Pull out your eyeballs
Pinch your nose
Eat your hair''

and another song..
''The monkey got choked
Got his arm cut open with a knife and his eyes pulled out''

She was then shouting the word 'knickers' really loudly.. yeah you know what that sounds like.. Randy in south park springs to mind.

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