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Sunday, 2 October 2011

September Shenanigans

Playing with her Barbie doll,
''I'm going to dip her into my soup, she's my tasty chip''

She was telling me how long the bus was going to be,
''40 70 1second 100''

Walking to the bus stop one morning,
''Me and Daddy saw a dead pigeon yesterday on the ground, it was having bad dreams and it can't feel or see his mom''

Telling me about her day,
Eden -''Daddy was angry''
Eden- ''I took his eye out and I took his arms and legs off and cut him in half and took his head then he said....ohh he couldn't talk he had no head''

Later on she sang me a song,
''I love my family and I love to bump my head, ow ow ow ow ow I bump my head in the bedroom''

She was pointing to a mole I have on my face
Eden-''Mammy whats that spot''
Me-''It's like a freckle''
Eden-'' take it off''
Me- ''I can't take it off, its part of my skin and I can't take my skin off!''
Eden-''Mammy lets swap skin''
Me-''Your skin wouldn't fit me, maybe your big bum skin would. If we took off our skin we'd be scary skeletons''
Eden- ''If I took the skin off my bum then I'd be skeleton bum!''

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